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DNRC Tube Helpers
  • DNRC Tube Helpers

    Tired of cussing and fighing with holding tubes in place when building headers, building a custom exhaust or fabricating the hot or cold side of a turbo system?  Our Tube Helpers are what you need then. These little jewels come in sizes ranging from 2.250" all the way up to 5".  Just clamp these around the joint where your tubes meet and use the windows in the band to lay down your weld tacks. 


    The band is made from 18ga stainless steel so they are super strong, rust resistant and flexible. Clamp rods are steel.


    The 2.5" clamp fits from 2.250" to 2.625"


    The "Full Set" comes with one of each size.


    Please allow 5-7 business days to manufacture and ship.

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