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About Us

First and foremost we are a Full Service Chassis Shop.  From building an SFI spec Full Tube Chassis, to Custom Headers, Custom Rear Ends, Aluminum or Carbon Fiber Interiors, Suspension Tuning and so much more.  We are a proud member of the SFI Fast Heavy Door Car Committee.  We opened our doors in 2002 but we have been building and tuning Drag Race Cars since 1986.  But we offer so much more than just building race cars.

Do you need parts CNC plasma cut?  We offer cutting on our new, state of the art 4' x 8' CNC plasma table and in a variety of materials and use a water table system to keep parts cool during cutting to minimize warping of parts and also to reduce the heat affected zone on hardened materials.

We can cut..

Materials from 20g to 1" thick.

Do you need a logo engraved in your parts or just a "part number" to help you track your inventory? We offer that also.

Here is a partial list of the possibilities:
Metal Art Work
Privacy panels
Custom parts
Decorative gussets
Wall Art
Shooting targets
Self portraits
Custom BBQ Grates
Garden Markers
Picture frames
Memorial Markers
Prototype parts

Call, Email or Message us for a Free Quote.


CNC Engraving

Need a logo, part or serial number on your parts or products. We can make it happen.


TIG, MIG and Stick Welding

Over 30 years of welding experience. Let us put it to work for you.


CNC Plasma Cutting.

With our state of the art 4' x 8' CNC plasma table we can make just about anything out of metal for you.

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