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Industrial Cylinder Holder And "Empty" Ring Package.
  • Industrial Cylinder Holder And "Empty" Ring Package.

    These wall mount holders are designed to hold your full or empty industrial bottles from falling or getting knocked over while being stored. Holds two bottles but additional holders can be bolted together on either side. Updated design (not pictured at the moment) incorporates a slot behind each bottle cutout to store one of our "Empty" rings.

    The rings are great for the welding shop or anyone who possesses a few Argon, Oxygen, Nitrous, etc cylinders/bottles and has no way of knowing which ones are empty or full.  Throw one of these around the neck of your empty bottles and now you'll have no problems identifying which is which.


    This package deal comes with the cylinder holder and two rings.


    Made from 14ga. high quality steel. Clear coated or black in color and includes the chain. 


    Every item we make is made right here in the USA.


    Please allow 7-10 business days for manufacturing time & shipment

    • Return Policy

      Dan Neumann Race Cars LLC/DNA Metalworx accepts returns that have not been damaged and or altered including the original packaging. Returned items must be in new condition when received back from the purchaser. Dan Neumann Race Cars LLC/DNA Metalworx has a strict 30 day return policy and all returns are subject to a 15 percent restocking fee. Return shipment charges are the customers responsibility. We are not responsible for damages or losses in return shipment. We will only refund the original purchaser back the amount less the restocking fee and shipping costs.

    • Shipment Losses/Damage Claim

      Any damaged, missing contents, or loss in shipment must be reported to Dan Neumann Race Cars LLC/DNA Metalworx within 10 business days of receiving a shipment. We will replace any damaged parts or losses with proper proof of damages and or losses including pictures sent to Dan Neumann Race Cars LLC/DNA Metalworx. We will NOT be responsible for damages and or losses reported after the 10 business day period.

    • Disclaimer

      Automotive Parts made by Dan Neumann Race Cars LLC/DNA Metalworx are designed primarily for drag race use only, not for street use, off road use only. We are not responsible for damages, injury, loss when using our products including especially misuse of the product in ways that it may or may not be designed for in any way, shape or form. We reserve the right to change specifications on products as well as designs. Drag racing is a dangerous sport please engage at your own discretion.

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